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Getting More Than Expected on Valentine’s Day– Its more than just Love


It was valentines day and everyone was getting ready for his/her dinner date except me.  As usual, I was to spend the night alone so to avoid any unwanted negative feelings (meaning, feeling lonely) i decided to sulk in my room, my comfort zone, and watch a movie in my laptop while eating my fave dark chocolates.  I was on my hopeless romantic mode so i wanted to select a romantic comedy among the short list of my movie collection most of which i have watched more than once so I chose a Bollywood (Indian) film which I haven’t seen yet despite being in my collection for almost a year.  It was entitled “Mr. Perfect” and to be honest, I didn’t like the film on first impression.  BUT that all changed after I’ve watched it for about 2 and a half hours– its now one of my favorites!  I thought i was in for the usual love stories where boy meets girl,they fall in love and live happily ever after but i got more!

Im not sure if sharing with you the story would be a great idea for i might spoil it, but I’ll do it anyway.  Its about this young man Vicky who is so egoistic, self centered and never goes out of his way for others, not even his parents.  He always gets what he wants and in pursuit of his dreams, he has hurt others along the way but doesn’t care.  His father has arranged someone for him to marry, a childhood friend, Priya, whom he used to dislike.  Unlike him, she is generous, understanding, and has a good heart but she also dislikes him.   Upon meeting after so many years, they try to make each other’s lives miserable but end up liking each other.  When they are about to be engaged, Vicky refuses despite their mutual feelings and goes back to Australia.  There he meets another Indian girl who thinks like him– strong willed, competitive and stubborn.  He falls in love and asks for her hand from her father who happens to be one of those people whom he has had a conflict with.  Since the father does not approve of their engagement, they have agreed on a challenge for Vicky  to attend a family marriage ceremony in which he has to impress and convince all of the people there that he is indeed worthy of the girl.  The father would ask 4 people randomly, should any one of them think of him unworthy, he should walk away forever.  Unexpectedly, Priya is also a guest at the wedding and as Vicky stays and tries to win the challenge with her help, he gradually transforms into another man who is able to change everything around him.  As for the outcome of his love story, you have to see for yourself.

What caught me is not the love story but rather the subtle spiritual teachings implicated all throughout the movie.  Aside from the great entertainment of their dancing and singing plus a straight forward comedy which I enjoyed so much, at the core of the movie are the great teachings of the Hindu religion which were passed down since time immemorial: the transcendence beyond one’s ego, the awakening of the consciousness within us, the happiness in sacrificing for our neighbors, the satisfaction from doing good to others instead for our own gain,  the importance of stillness, stopping once in a while to live in the present moment despite the fuss of the modern world and the love that is free of any expectations, as unconditional as  the gods love us.  These are all incorporated in the movie ingeniously without making it boring or uninteresting.  Also, it amazes that even in these modern days, Bollywood movie makers and writers still inject the richness of the Indian culture in their films, a practice which has long been obsolete in the movie industry of the west.  Most movies now a days are trash, ordinary and unstimulating.  They are dictated by what the crowd wants, not by what they need to be shown.  Movies now become just a mere lucrative business and here, the true purpose of media is lost.  Upon watching this movie, truly the Indians have earned my respect.  I am looking forward to watching more Bollywood films, from which Im sure I could gain more spiritual insights that would help me become a better person.  Movies should not only be for the satisfaction of the flesh but also of the spirit.  Namaste. _/I\_


Hector, the Stranger


Dear Hector,

I am thinking of you again, for the nth time

I don’t know how or why you.

There’s just something in you I cannot fully grasp

But it consumes me, it devours me completely.

And no matter how I try, I just cannot escape

I am totally bound to this feeling.

I like you. I want you. I desire you. Though I don’t know you.

I hunger for your presence.

Though we don’t talk, not a word not a glance

But just seeing you from afar makes me happy

And close encounters with you even make me elated.

How could you brighten up my day without doing anything?

You evoke in me something I could not comprehend myself.

You’re like my personal norepinephrine,

A potent stimulus for my sympathetics.

Being near you electrifies me.

You make my nerves go berserk.

You’re just this spark that ignites me

The fire, the passion, the vitality that have long been dormant inside.

You have stirred my deep seated emotions, something that has never happened before.

you have awakened me from hibernation and stowed me away  from my stoic ways.

You made me want something I could not have–you.

You have bared me–stripped me off my tough facade

And now I am left with nothing but these raw emotions.

You have rendered me  onto this vulnerability I so despise.

You made me confused, and so i am tormented by my own confusion.

Whether to fight or recognize this feeling-either way I still would lose.

For if I fight–i lose the chance of experiencing this forceful stream of emotions.

I may not be hurt but it would harden my heart

Making it impenetrable, stone cold, anesthesized from pain or bliss

Then it would forever be lifeless, a mere  pumping machine.

And if I choose to recognize this liking to you who is a total stranger,

I now put my heart into the hands of someone who may crush it into pieces.

Chances are this passion would be left unrequited and I would become miserable

For how could someone like you notice such a nonexistent being like me? 

But now I come to terms with myself.

I acknowledge that I like you, so much that I find it hilarious at times

You, who is a stranger; you, who has never noticed me.

But I will no longer deny it, for there is no point of doing so.

Nor will I declare my devotion, for there is no point of doing so too.

Though I know you may never reciprocate my warm feelings,

I choose not to be miserable.

Instead, I choose to be happy.

Happy because I am able to feel these strange emotions

These sensations that remind me I am human.

Happy because I am alive,

Alive to see you, to admire and perhaps later on even love you.

Happy to know that I am not as selfish and self contained as I thought

For I am capable of liking somebody else besides myself.

And to you, hector, the stranger, I owe my happiness.

And for this, I thank you.