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I miss being alone.
I miss the silence–the time when my heart is free to speak.
I miss the stillness– when time seems to not exist.
I miss contemplating on things around me — the flower, the trees, the sky, the wind.
I miss sensing the vibrations of the earth–being in tune with its cycle of death and rebirth.
I miss the whispering wind which blows from places I’ve never been to.
I miss the conversations going on my mind–me, myself and the universe.
I miss the deep thoughts–just making sense of almost everything.
I miss the everyday meditation– the journey into unknown, into my core and the universe’s.
I miss the midnight rituals–held in celebration and worship.
I miss the knowledge and the happiness and fulfillment that comes with knowing.
I miss being egoless– letting go of my identity to become one with anything and everything.
I miss the divine– the majestic force that dwells within each creature and entity.
I simply miss myself.