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Today, the phrase ‘live in the present’ means waking up to dress for work, snaking our way into crowded train stations, working our ass off all day to earn money, hurrying home to sleep off the exhaustion.  And before we even know it, another day has passed and then another and I wonder if we even wonder where were those hours spent.  Everyday, we follow stringently a routine that sometimes we even forget that we ever did a particular act that is part of that routine.  Have you ever experienced not remembering brushing your teeth even if you actually brushed before leaving the house? Well probably you were brushing while reading the newspapers, or washing the dishes, or doing something that made your brain forget that you were actually brushing your teeth.  This happens all the time when you get caught in the bedlam of the ‘present’.  When I get too immersed in my studies and school life, I usually feel tired but restless and I would know that something is off the balance.  It’s as if my soul is screaming for me to quench its thirst for silence and mystic knowledge.  Though I would love to have respite or do wiccan rituals instead for they are a great way of emotional and spiritual cleansing, sometimes it is impossible to escape the inexorable pressure in medical school.  But then I would pause and still my mind, drift away from textbooks and handouts, close my eyes and breathe deeply and envision myself in blackness or in the center of the wide kaleidoscopic universe.  When I get back to reality, I would usually feel better and refreshed.  The trick is being aware, having that consciousness that would shaken you when you are too absorbed in your earthly life.  Since I cannot often do elaborate rituals for many reasons, I have developed this habit of ‘shifting my consciousness’ while doing my daily routine.  I suggest you try it too, you’ll lose nothing.  Every time i feel like the mundanity of daily living is taking over and I hear that portentous voice behind my head telling me to do something or else I’ll drown, I would nudge myself, though difficult, into being conscious of every thing I do in my routine.  I put my mind into every action so I am aware of what I am doing, what I am holding in my hand.  This may sound and feel insane at first, even awkward, so its okay to laugh at yourself but don’t stop, just do it anyway.  For example, when waking up in the morning, don’t get up right away.  First, get the feel of where you are, feel the sun’s warmth on your face or listen to your surroundings stirring to the call of the dawn.  Smile and be thankful for the chance to live another day.  When brushing your teeth, be aware of the bristles brushing against your gums and teeth, direct your energy into your toothbrush somehow like telling it or commanding it to clean your teeth to keep them healthy. When eating (our favorite chore), try to do it slowly and focus on the flavors and textures playing in your mouth.  Close your eyes while chewing and imagine how the food has reached your table.  From a grain beneath the ground it had touched the fertile energy of the earth and then it received the sun’s heat.  It was nourished by the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, and was cared and loved by the hands of the farmers who grew it.  Be thankful to them and the elements and as you swallow and digest your food imagine your body receiving the same nourishment and care and love as received by the grain. You’ll feel more satiated with every spoon  if you do this. Even in a simple task such as washing your face or bathing your body, imagine the water glowing and cleansing your skin and spirit.  The element of Water is well known for its cleansing properties in mystic traditions, use it to rid of your physical dirt and also of your negative emotions.  As you practice this to yourself, you can also send your positive vibes to others.  When giving something to a friend or a beggar for example, hold your gift and imagine it surrounded by white light and say aloud or on your mind a positive feeling you would like to wish for that person.  Be sure that you feel positive yourself before sending out the energy and say something like ‘May this food nourish your body’ when giving a sandwich to a street child or ‘May you always be surrounded with love’ when giving a necklace to a friend.  By this means, you are ‘blessing’ that person and though it might not be obvious you are actually sending some positive energy into that person’s life and adding to yours.  This may sound weird or preposterous but you are actually doing what we call ‘magick’ without realizing it (just like blowing candles on birthday cakes after a wish, a very ancient candle magick), for you are  already dealing with energies around you. Be reminded though:  1. Every action, every uttered word, every unspoken thought is still energy and so it can affect your surroundings; 2. Don’t send negative energy intended to harm anyone, it’s not blessing anymore it’s cursing;  3.  Work with the natural forces around you to magnify the effects of your energy.  During waxing moon, use your energy to build, to nourish, to complete, to flourish.  During waning moon, put your intentions into banishing the negative, closing old wounds, ridding yourself of a bad habit, or ending something.  For example when washing in a waxing moon imagine the water rejuvenating every cell of your body and imagine it taking away all the dirt and negative emotions if in a waning moon.   Being mindful of everything you do fills your life with meaning and you will start to appreciate simple things in life that money could not buy.  Go and live using all your senses, feeling the energies that flow around and within your body and tap into the Universal force to your own advantage!

I bless you and may you use the power of your intentions wisely!  🙂

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Little Dream Book

Little Dream Book

This is my first ‘dream book.’ I knew it was meant for me; it was the only copy in the shelf. Bought it right away. May it start my journey in another mystic art, like another ray of the sun going back towards its center, the divine truth. May the gods speak with me in my sleep..through dreams and visions whose meanings I will learn to deduce starting with this book. So mote it be! Thank you, Universe! I am in gratitude, as always.

Getting More Than Expected on Valentine’s Day– Its more than just Love


It was valentines day and everyone was getting ready for his/her dinner date except me.  As usual, I was to spend the night alone so to avoid any unwanted negative feelings (meaning, feeling lonely) i decided to sulk in my room, my comfort zone, and watch a movie in my laptop while eating my fave dark chocolates.  I was on my hopeless romantic mode so i wanted to select a romantic comedy among the short list of my movie collection most of which i have watched more than once so I chose a Bollywood (Indian) film which I haven’t seen yet despite being in my collection for almost a year.  It was entitled “Mr. Perfect” and to be honest, I didn’t like the film on first impression.  BUT that all changed after I’ve watched it for about 2 and a half hours– its now one of my favorites!  I thought i was in for the usual love stories where boy meets girl,they fall in love and live happily ever after but i got more!

Im not sure if sharing with you the story would be a great idea for i might spoil it, but I’ll do it anyway.  Its about this young man Vicky who is so egoistic, self centered and never goes out of his way for others, not even his parents.  He always gets what he wants and in pursuit of his dreams, he has hurt others along the way but doesn’t care.  His father has arranged someone for him to marry, a childhood friend, Priya, whom he used to dislike.  Unlike him, she is generous, understanding, and has a good heart but she also dislikes him.   Upon meeting after so many years, they try to make each other’s lives miserable but end up liking each other.  When they are about to be engaged, Vicky refuses despite their mutual feelings and goes back to Australia.  There he meets another Indian girl who thinks like him– strong willed, competitive and stubborn.  He falls in love and asks for her hand from her father who happens to be one of those people whom he has had a conflict with.  Since the father does not approve of their engagement, they have agreed on a challenge for Vicky  to attend a family marriage ceremony in which he has to impress and convince all of the people there that he is indeed worthy of the girl.  The father would ask 4 people randomly, should any one of them think of him unworthy, he should walk away forever.  Unexpectedly, Priya is also a guest at the wedding and as Vicky stays and tries to win the challenge with her help, he gradually transforms into another man who is able to change everything around him.  As for the outcome of his love story, you have to see for yourself.

What caught me is not the love story but rather the subtle spiritual teachings implicated all throughout the movie.  Aside from the great entertainment of their dancing and singing plus a straight forward comedy which I enjoyed so much, at the core of the movie are the great teachings of the Hindu religion which were passed down since time immemorial: the transcendence beyond one’s ego, the awakening of the consciousness within us, the happiness in sacrificing for our neighbors, the satisfaction from doing good to others instead for our own gain,  the importance of stillness, stopping once in a while to live in the present moment despite the fuss of the modern world and the love that is free of any expectations, as unconditional as  the gods love us.  These are all incorporated in the movie ingeniously without making it boring or uninteresting.  Also, it amazes that even in these modern days, Bollywood movie makers and writers still inject the richness of the Indian culture in their films, a practice which has long been obsolete in the movie industry of the west.  Most movies now a days are trash, ordinary and unstimulating.  They are dictated by what the crowd wants, not by what they need to be shown.  Movies now become just a mere lucrative business and here, the true purpose of media is lost.  Upon watching this movie, truly the Indians have earned my respect.  I am looking forward to watching more Bollywood films, from which Im sure I could gain more spiritual insights that would help me become a better person.  Movies should not only be for the satisfaction of the flesh but also of the spirit.  Namaste. _/I\_




I miss being alone.
I miss the silence–the time when my heart is free to speak.
I miss the stillness– when time seems to not exist.
I miss contemplating on things around me — the flower, the trees, the sky, the wind.
I miss sensing the vibrations of the earth–being in tune with its cycle of death and rebirth.
I miss the whispering wind which blows from places I’ve never been to.
I miss the conversations going on my mind–me, myself and the universe.
I miss the deep thoughts–just making sense of almost everything.
I miss the everyday meditation– the journey into unknown, into my core and the universe’s.
I miss the midnight rituals–held in celebration and worship.
I miss the knowledge and the happiness and fulfillment that comes with knowing.
I miss being egoless– letting go of my identity to become one with anything and everything.
I miss the divine– the majestic force that dwells within each creature and entity.
I simply miss myself.