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Little Dream Book

Little Dream Book

This is my first ‘dream book.’ I knew it was meant for me; it was the only copy in the shelf. Bought it right away. May it start my journey in another mystic art, like another ray of the sun going back towards its center, the divine truth. May the gods speak with me in my sleep..through dreams and visions whose meanings I will learn to deduce starting with this book. So mote it be! Thank you, Universe! I am in gratitude, as always.


Facts in fiction


I guess some hard facts can be found in fiction. Ive just finished reading this book entitled ‘The Princes of Ireland’. Its a historical novel about the evolution of Ireland from its pagan ancestry to St. Patrick’s arrival and up to its current state. Its a long tale to read but you get a lot from it.

Drawing Down the Blood Moon

Drawing Down the Blood Moon

I painted this after the lunar eclipse last tuesday. Drawing down the moon is a special rite used by witches of old and even now, to ‘draw down’ the power of the moon to be used for a magickal work. I painted this in honor of the moon. I was locked up in the house at the time of eclipse due to heavy rain and this is where I imagined I wanna be at that time. Im not much of a painter but I like doing it because it takes full attention to do it. Its a subtle meditation, you focus on the ‘now’, the present moment everytime you paint. And its that feeling of being aware, and of the spontaneity of the act which give me satisfaction. The outcome?It may not be a work of art, but its a work of love for sure.